I’ve just finished a six-month long distance rowing training block supporting Jim Freeburg, who completed the Seventy-48 race in Seattle,
Beyond excited to share that I will be presenting at the SPRING 2022 STEM LEARNING - ECOSYSTEMS COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE
To view the speech on YouTube use the link provided below to watch on that platform. Introduction starts at 58:30.
rowing stem gathers momentum
Rowing STEM Curriculum We (Tulsa Youth Rowing Association) have made a great deal of progress over the last year in
I’ve been meaning to get to this development project for a while now that involved team force curve analysis and
learn to row with neil bergenroth drive sequence
In this video, I perform a series of 4-minute steady state rows with one minute of drills to improve your
There is no doubt that a rower’s 2k test is an important metric that drives assessment, selection, and potential college
rowing workout improve technique
In this video, I perform a series of 4-minute steady state rows with one minute of body preparation drills. I
learn to row training plan erg zone article
There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about learning to row. Additionally, this information is often scattered
  • Branko Radulovacki, Atlanta, GA
    online rowing training plans summer offseason coaching I’m a 50+ y/o former tennis player and ultra-marathon runner who started erging several years ago to stay in shape, but I stopped making progress. I searched the internet for answers and found Neil’s YouTube videos. They were clear and informative. Neil effectively articulates rowing and erging concepts; he makes things simple and straightforward. I contacted him to create an individualized four-week training program for a 2k race. The plan was concise and easy to follow, and I appreciated that he checked in on my progress. I could not have been happier with the results! Following his plan, I cut my 2k time by 11 seconds in only four weeks! And, I beat my target goal by 4 seconds. Now, I’m considering signing up for more custom coaching. I have tremendous confidence in Neil’s ability to help me achieve— and surpass — my goals.
    Branko Radulovacki, Atlanta, GA
  • Leonardo Siqueira
    "It has been a rewarding experience to work with Coach Neil Bergenroth. His tailored workout program is very effective and provides rapid improvements in fitness. When it comes to technique, it is clear that you are learning from a world-class coach that is very passionate about the sport. On the top of that, Neil Bergenroth has the didactics of a Professor, his analogies really stick in your mind and are valuable tools when rowing either on the erg machine or on the water."
    Leonardo Siqueira
  • 2k row personal best time coach bergenroth
    I’m about ten weeks into a program that Neil prepared for me and I’ve already lowered my personal best in the 2K twice! The program Neil designed is personalized for me; it’s designed to target my weaknesses while also training all energy systems in order to achieve my particular goals. I know I’ve got a richly knowledgeable, highly experienced, truly thoughtful coach in my corner. He consistently offers helpful feedback, positive encouragement, and is always available to connect. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
    Stephen Kress
  • coach bergenroth rowing training plan testimonial
    I started indoor rowing over two years ago when I purchased my Concept 2. I met Coach Neil through an online search when my progress started fading, and in some respects, going in the opposite direction. This is my third month on his program and my gains in performance, technique, and confidence on the ERG have been astounding. Through Coach's program, I learned that rowing is a very technical sport. To my surprise, I feel that half of my improvements are coming from my rowing form and efficiency. All the YouTube videos I've studied don't compare to Coach Neil's real-time one on one hour lesson via Skype and his monthly personal rowing technique video analysis. I can't recommend enough to anyone looking for big gains in both performance and technique Coach Neil's training programs with at least one real-time lesson. I personally look forward to bigger gains throughout the year as I progress.
    Alan Rosa
  • Bill Verity


    Whether you are an elite rower or a young inspiring rower, coach Neil is who you want. He is dedicated to helping his rowers improve their skills to reach their potential. Neil’s training programs not only build a strong well-conditioned rower but build confidence in his rowers to believe in their abilities. Neil’s well-thought-out training has been the key factor for me achieving my goals. The workouts focus on building a strong foundation, strength, endurance, and of course speed. I really enjoy the workout goals by watching my split times and heart rate goals for every workout. Neil has shaved off 31 seconds off of my 5,000m time enabling me to rank third for my age category on the Concept2 Logbook rankings. Neil has such an in-depth knowledge of all the different aspects of rowing. He has a unique ability to explain technique and the purpose of the training regime. Each training program is customized to help each individual rower achieve their personal goals. Anyone who follows Neil’s training programs, puts in the hard work, and makes the time commitment, will achieve success. I strongly recommend coach Neil and his training programs. You could not have a better rowing coach and mentor.
    Bill Verity
  • Jake Crandall
    I’ve known Coach Neil for 3 years.  He’s coached in both of my gyms now for 2+.  His dedication to the sport of rowing and to the development of rowers young and old is second to none.  Neil understands that to become better in the sport, one must spend time on an erg, in the water, and in the weight room.  He understands both the mechanics of rowing and the energy systems that need to be trained to become faster and more efficient.  If you’re ever in need of someone to take you or your gym’s rowing to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact Coach Neil Bergenroth.
    Jake Crandall
    Owner/Head Coach – Okie CrossFit
  • Tamara Clayton
    I rowed for 5 years and coached for 3 under Neil - to me, he will always be Coach B. I have experienced his coaching abilities from both an athlete and a colleague perspective. During this period, I have witnessed a youth rowing club grow from 12 athletes to well over 50 at one given time, from racing locally to internationally, and from two coaches to seven. How does this happen? Coach B was able to take the abilities and talents of each individual athlete/parent/sponsor and bring it together by helping everyone focus on one common goal. He believes in, trusts in, and pushes everyone to emerge as a champion. Coach B is highly skilled not only with the fundamentals of rowing, but also the fundamentals of life. He was a source of inspirational fuel during my rowing career; and today, he is the root of my success as a rowing coach.
    Tamara Clayton
    Tulsa Youth Rowing Association - Head Coach
  • Mike Mayzak
    I met Coach Neil at a race in Dallas a few years ago.  He noticed something in my technique that was costing me power and made a timely recommendation.  Coach Neil was able to give me a drill to fix the ‘bad habit’. He has a passion for rowing and developing both the rower and the crew! His analytical tools are TREMENDOUS, giving you a workout by workout plan to reach YOUR goals!  He’s available for video analysis, one on one private sessions and even post-workout follow-ups he can quickly pinpoint areas that need attention and recommend drills accordingly.  If you or your rowers are looking for breakthroughs I would look at the tools Coach Neil brings to the table!
    Mike Mayzak
  • Robby Beauchamp
    I just wanted to send you a quick letter letting you know how much benefit I've been getting from your blog and Youtube channel. I don't have the means to hire a full-time coach to guide my workouts, but your free knowledge is the next best thing.
    Robby Beauchamp

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