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Looking For A Rowing Coach?

Rowing is a physically, technically, and mentally demanding sport. If you want to compete at top levels or secure a college scholarship, you need to commit a lot of time and dedication to the sport. Unfortunately, not many coaches are experienced or even available to give you the personal coaching you need to succeed.
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I’ll Be Your Personal Rowing Coach

My name is Neil Bergenroth, a professional online rowing coach with over 35 years of experience. Working with all ages and experience levels, I help support and oversee improvements in my clients’ rowing techniques to help them achieve higher performance and confidence quickly and efficiently.

Online Rowing Coaching

Individualized Rowing Training Plans

My goal is to help you maintain good health, improve your technical rowing skills, and advance your performance to reach your full potential. That’s why I offer a personalized approach to your rowing needs. I can and will help you maximize your results in the shortest time possible through tailored-to-you rowing training plans and individual support.

Indoor and on the water Rowing Coaching for All Levels

ErgZone Rowing Plans for Novice, Competent, and Advanced Rowers

No matter your current level of rowing performance, I can help improve your technique to advance you in the sport. Whether you’re looking to make the first-team boat, secure a rowing scholarship, or compete at world-class levels, my ErgZone rowing plans are designed to get you there.
ErgZone Level 1


Within my novice rowing plan, you’ll learn the basics of rowing as well as the foundations of technique and fitness. My novice rowing plan comprises two training programs to promote correct muscle group activation, movement coordination, endurance, weight loss, wellness, and more.
ErgZone Level 2


If you’ve been rowing for a while, have found your sporting passion, and are looking to develop your technique to the next level, then my ErgZone Level 2 training programs are for you. By choosing either one or both of my 2km and 5km programs, you’ll strengthen your aerobics capacity and technical foundations, while improving your overall physical and mental strength.
ErgZone Level 3

Advanced/ Competitive

Both my ErgZone Level training programs require an 8-week commitment of intense and challenging training. Each program is designed to prepare you for competitive-level rowing for either 2km or 5km respectively.

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Advance Your Rowing Technique Tomorrow

As a professional online rowing coach, I am committed to helping my clients reach the levels they wish to see success in. Because you can’t always receive personalized and private training sessions from your available coaches, I offer tailored-to-you training to ensure you grow and perform at your full potential.

indoor rowing - learn to row fundamentals

Indoor Rowing-Learn To Row Fundamentals is the ultimate guide to mastering technique on the indoor rowing machine. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their rowing technique and get the most out of their workouts.

3D Life Fitness Diagnostic

life fitness diagnostic coach bergenroth summary

The 3D Life Fitness Diagnostic is the ultimate coaching assessment tool, designed to diagnose where you are, the problems you face, and how to tailor a fitness program that meets your unique goals while building a better relationship with your coach.

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