2K Rowing Training Plan on ErgZone

2K Rowing Training Plan on ErgZone

ergzone 2k rowing training plan

ergzone 2k rowing training plan
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The problem with some 2k rowing training plans is that they do not provide the technical support needed to develop the correct biomechanics and application needed for efficient rowing. Training for a 2k row is also challenging because it is difficult to get the correct intensity and duration of training sessions in order to achieve maximum performance while avoiding overtraining.

This plan is calibrated so that you can train smarter in order for you to save time, avoid overtraining, and unnecessary effort for maximum gain.

This rowing 2K training plan features four workouts each week for 8 weeks, with a 2km test row at the end of the 8th week. This plan is geared toward beginner/intermediate experience levels. Each week the training sessions provide a plan to activate different energy systems. The plan progressively increases the volume leading up to the 8th week finishing with a 2k test row.

The first few weeks of the plan involve technical steady low-intensity rows that intersperse drills into the rowing. The reason for this is to provide you with a good technical foundation before proceeding to higher intensity work. You will learn the correct rowing mechanics as well as develop the base aerobic fitness needed for higher intensity efforts such as the 2k row. I have also included a link to my top 12 drills to help you improve your rowing technique PDF as part of the plan (worth $30). This PDF includes links to videos of specific drills aimed to improve various parts of your stroke technique.

2K Rowing Training Plan

There are a total of 32 core training sessions in this 2k rowing training plan. You may choose to supplement these training sessions with more low intensity but longer in volume training sessions if you choose to help supplement aerobic development. However, you should keep this training to no more than 75% of max heart rate.

To access a spreadsheet to calculate your heart rate zones, use the following link and then make a copy for yourself by choosing file >> make a copy. You will then be able to edit the highlighted cells to calculate your zones. There are two tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. You can choose % of max heart rate system or the Karvonen formula if you would prefer:


Purchase 2K Plan on ErgZone

For sessions that are marked UT2 and UT1 the heart rate zone is more important than pace or power.

For the sessions that are marked AT (anaerobic threshold), TR (transportation), and AN (anaerobic), it is better to hit the target pace than be concerned too much with the heart rate zone.

UT2 Heart Rate Zone is 60% to 70% of max heart rate (as a general guide)

UT1 Heart Rate Zone is 70% to 80% of max heart rate (as a general guide)

AT, TR, and AN (including power training in this plan is 80% or higher of max heart rate)

The above should only be used as a general guide because everyone has slightly different physiology and may adapt to training in different ways.

What You Need For This Plan

  1. Concept2 Rowing Machine with PM5 V2 Monitor (preferred)  
  2. Heart Rate Monitor (optional)

What You Need To Do To Purchase The Plan

Click the logo link below to access the plan on the ErgZone platform. The cost is currently $35 for the 8-week plan.



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