Rowing Success – Alain Harrus – Client Testimonial

As an older rower coming back to the Concept 2 after many years away, I was struggling to regain my proper form, endurance, and stamina. But working with Coach Neil Bergenroth over the past year has made a tremendous difference in helping me get back up to speed.

What I appreciated most was Neil’s incredibly detailed video analysis of my stroke. As an older athlete, many of my mechanics had fallen off – the video feedback allowed Neil to provide specific, tailored corrections to re-optimize my posture, release, grip and more. His insights were invaluable in re-establishing solid technique as an older rower.

I vividly recall the early video analysis session when Neil pointed out an issue with my leg drive coming forward too early after release as well as my poor body anchoring at the catch. Once I started concentrating on the proper leg sequencing and anchoring, I felt much smoother and more powerful through each stroke.

In addition to the remote coaching, Neil’s monthly workout programs with the ability to record and upload workouts for review via the app, have been excellent tools. Also, his expansive library of YouTube technique videos is invaluable to visually reference proper drills and form and has reinforced and complemented our coaching sessions. At my age, consistent visualization is key to rewiring neuromuscular patterns and Neil’s feedback and videos support this.

For any older rowers (for that matter for every rower) looking to regain their exuberance on the erg and water, I can’t recommend Neil Bergenroth highly enough. Between the detailed video analysis, personalized feedback and YouTube library, Neil has all the tools to help all rowers find peak performance once again!


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