2k row mental preparation
The Power of the Mind: How to Mentally Prepare for a 2k Row

If you’re a rower, you know that the 2k row is a significant challenge. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just looking to improve your fitness,

teaching reflection ap chemistry rowing coach online
The End of a Chapter

I’ve been a chemistry teacher for twenty years—five years at my first school and fifteen years at Holland Hall. I started teaching AP Chemistry in 2008.

executive function rowing athletes coach coaching(2)
Flexible Thinking – Executive Function and Coaching (Part-2) – Flexible Thinking and Working Memory

In this second part of four, relating to executive function and athletic performances and coaching competencies, I examine the importance of flexible thinking and working memory. 

09-10-21 Erg Physics-16 (1)
I Thought My Coaching Career Was Over…

Seven years ago, I stepped down as the Head Coach of the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association due to some health struggles. I thought that my coaching career was over. After only six months away, I wanted to support and help once more. However, I knew that I couldn’t do this as Head Coach.

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