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December 13, 2017
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December 22, 2017
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Passing This Along

I have been contacted by the folks over at to share with you their verdict on the best rowing machine. They have completed a very thorough review of six different rowing machines. What is particularly impressive about this collection of reviews is that they have managed to put this comprehensive report together without a significant amount of rowing experience.  Also, they contacted Steve Gladstone (Yale Head Coach) and Greg Hughes (Princeton Head Coach) because they wanted to contact some of the best in the field to get their opinions on each rowing machine.

Here Is The Link To The Reviews

One caveat: missing from this review is the RowPerfect Machine. They let me know that they would like to review this machine but it was hard for them to gain access to this machine. If I were RowPerfect I would get a machine over to these guys very quickly…

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What Is Your Favorite Rowing Machine?

Do you have a favorite rowing machine? If so, me know your opinion in the comments.

Happy Rowing!

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