Rowing Success – Alain Harrus – Client Testimonial

As an older rower coming back to the Concept 2 after many years away, I was struggling to regain my proper form, endurance, and stamina. But working with Coach Neil Bergenroth over the past year has made a tremendous difference in helping me get back up to speed.

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Building Toward Mastery In Rowing

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Mastery Transcript Symposium in San Diego last month. I learned a great deal, and one of

rowing outreach
Outreach Rowing Lessons Learned

7 Keys To Making Rowing More Accessible In Your Community I’ve meant to write this post about outreach rowing for a while now. I want to

recovery of the rowing stroke
Learn To Row Essential Drills

There are a dizzying array of online videos aiming to provide learn to row instruction. Where to start? And what order should you progress? This is

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