Understanding Critical Power: A Key Metric for Rowers' Performance and Training
Critical Power: A Key Metric for Rowers’ Performance and Training

Introduction – The Problem With Generic Rowing Training Plans I am always trying to evolve my coaching practice. One of the things that has always bothered

how I became an online rowing coach
My Journey To Becoming An Online Coach (Part 2) – Innovation in Rowing Remote Coaching

This piece is part two of my journey to becoming an online coach. Part one can be found here. In this article, I take you on

Rowing Success – Alain Harrus – Client Testimonial

As an older rower coming back to the Concept 2 after many years away, I was struggling to regain my proper form, endurance, and stamina. But working with Coach Neil Bergenroth over the past year has made a tremendous difference in helping me get back up to speed.

Rowing App Developer Diary: Real-Time Force Curves For A Team of Rowers

Rowing App I’ve been working hard on a new app (Currently Titled Coach Bergenroth – but likely to change names) to help with the training management

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