15 Years of Echoes: My Father's Lasting Legacy
15 Years of Echoes: My Father’s Lasting Legacy

The poignant memories linger, like ink on paper that refuses to fade, even as I mark the 15th year since your departure on that fateful October 31st. Time may have moved on, but the essence of your teachings, the wisdom you embedded in our souls, remains timeless.

Executive Function and Why Do Coaches Need To Understand it? (Part 4) -Task Initiation and Organization for Coaches and Athletes

Image Attribution: OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (September 25 Version) [Large language model]. Other Articles Related To This One Executive Function (Part 1) Executive Function (Part 2)

Thanks and Gratitude

It was my honor and privilege to receive the Tim O’Halloran Award awarded by the class of 2013 this past weekend.I did not have the opportunity

rowing long distance specialist rowing coach training plan
Ocean Rowing Coaching: A Journey of 110 Miles with Rannoch Adventure

An Instant Connection When I first met Alex during a Zoom initial consult relating to her ocean rowing challenge, I knew we would work well together.

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