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I Thought My Coaching Career Was Over…

Seven years ago, I stepped down as the Head Coach of the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association due to some health struggles. I thought that my coaching career was over. After only six months away, I wanted to support and help once more. However, I knew that I couldn’t do this as Head Coach.

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Building Toward Mastery In Rowing

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Mastery Transcript Symposium in San Diego last month. I learned a great deal, and one of

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Testimonial – Graeme Rook

A one-stop shop and gateway to rowing excellence, a total master of his craft, the inspirational Coach Neil Bergenroth offers highly effective, bespoke rowing programs geared

Rowing App Developer Diary: Real-Time Force Curves For A Team of Rowers

Rowing App I’ve been working hard on a new app (Currently Titled Coach Bergenroth – but likely to change names) to help with the training management

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