rowing coach mentorship program
Novice Rowing Coach Accelerator

FAST-TRACK YOUR PROFESSIONAL COACHING CAREER Introducing the Novice Rowing Coach Accelerator If you’re a novice rowing coach looking for the best ways to boost your skills

This Rowing Technology Can Give You The Edge You Need.

Rowing Coach Technology I have worked hard to create this suite of tools at my disposal to develop the very best training environment for my clients.

Understanding Critical Power: A Key Metric for Rowers' Performance and Training
Critical Power: A Key Metric for Rowers’ Performance and Training

Introduction – The Problem With Generic Rowing Training Plans I am always trying to evolve my coaching practice. One of the things that has always bothered

Technology Road Map
My Journey Building A Technology Road Map

Photo Courtesy Holland Hall I Needed A Change After spending the last twenty years of my teaching career in the science classroom — fifteen years teaching

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