Understanding Critical Power: A Key Metric for Rowers' Performance and Training
Critical Power: A Key Metric for Rowers’ Performance and Training

Introduction – The Problem With Generic Rowing Training Plans I am always trying to evolve my coaching practice. One of the things that has always bothered

the performance equation for rowing training and coaching plans
Boosting Performance Through Balanced Fitness and Recovery: A Coaching Perspective

As more and more individuals embrace online coaching, a fundamental principle that deserves the spotlight is the Performance Equation, aptly summarized as Output = Fitness +

how I became an online rowing coach
My Journey To Becoming An Online Coach (Part 2) – Innovation in Rowing Remote Coaching

This piece is part two of my journey to becoming an online coach. Part one can be found here. In this article, I take you on

Rowing Success – Alain Harrus – Client Testimonial

As an older rower coming back to the Concept 2 after many years away, I was struggling to regain my proper form, endurance, and stamina. But working with Coach Neil Bergenroth over the past year has made a tremendous difference in helping me get back up to speed.

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