Concept2 Rowing Activity Ideas For Kids At Home

Concept2 Rowing Activity Ideas For Kids At Home

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Concept2 just put out a blog about 8 Erg Workout Ideas For Kids. Additionally, they put out another blog that explains how to adjust the machine for a younger rower as well as some tips for using the machine. It is important to remember safety when using the machine. The second blog is worth reading in order for your kids to use the Concept2 appropriately before doing the activities below.

I wanted to add a couple of apps that I have developed to help utilize the rowing machine. This will help keep your kids moving, burning off energy and using the time at home to do some learning. I am personally in the process of moving my Chemistry classes online in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. I thought that this post would be timely and helpful.

You will need a Concept2 equipped with a PM5 in order to use these apps. If not and you don’t have an iOS device (but you do have a Concept2) then here is the link to the worksheets we have created as part of the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association RowingSTEM curriculum.

You can download the RowingSTEM app you can do so by clicking below. The app is free to download and will always be free!

The RowingSTEM app provides all of the curriculum documentation. It also includes tools for data collection and analysis for all of the activities in the curriculum. By providing access to much of the data collected by the PM5 monitor, the avenues for the exploration of STEM through the vehicle of rowing are plenty!

Some Activities Included In The Rowing STEM App

rowing stem what can you power
Use RowingSTEM to find out which appliances you can power with your rowing power!
rowing stem data analysis
The Data Analysis View Can Be Used To Analyze The Stroke Data Collected By The PM5 Monitor

There are more activities in the app and in the Google drive folder. Have a look through and let me know which ones are your favorites! If you have an idea for a STEM activity that involves the Concept2, drop me a line.

Full RowingSTEM App Demonstration!

Erg Dude

The second app I have developed is more in line with fitness and fun. You may have played the fish game and this is the same kind of idea. However, this game includes power-ups, sound effects and things that explode! The free version has games that can be 1 to 2 minutes in length. With in-app purchases that extend the game time up to 20 minutes.

Erg Math

Finally, my latest iOS app is called Erg Math. It’s a fun way to for your kids to learn math while getting some exercise on the Concept2 rowing machine.

The basic idea is that the app provides math problems (you can set the difficulty). Do the math and then touch the correct answer on the iPad screen. Then row on the machine (the only way to move the robot character) until you get to the correct answer. Each game has a specific time limit (can also be set).

For more information on Erg Math click on through below:

I hope that the above provides some useful resources as we are living at home at this time. I’d value your feedback on any of the above, so drop me a line and let me know what you think!

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