Erg Dude – A New Rowing Game For The Concept2

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June 10, 2019
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My latest app, Erg Dude, was released for iOS mobile devices in the App Store this past week.

If you had told me a year ago that in twelve months I would have published five apps, I would not have believed you.

I wanted to create an updated version of the fish game that could harness the power of the iPhone and iPad. The game is for all ages of rowers as the power needed to control the character can be adjusted depending on the experience and age of the player.

I hope that the game provides more opportunities for young kids to get involved in rowing.

Concept2 Rowing Game Erg Dude Download On The App Store
Erg Dude – How Does The Game Work?

How Does The Game Work?

The app is an iOS mobile device game (iPhone or iPad) that works best with the Concept2 rowing machine equipped with a PM5 monitor. When the player’s rowing stroke completes, Erg Dude will jump. The height of the jump is dependent on how much power is put into each stroke.

The app has a side-scrolling arcade game mechanic.

  • The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by collecting coins.
  • The player scores 5 points for collecting a coin and loses 1 point for hitting a bomb.
  • Power-ups double the points earned when Erg Dude collects coins. The power-ups only last for a small period of time.
  • Collect laser gun power-ups to shoot bombs to aid in the collection of coins.
  • Collect “smart” grenade power-ups to diffuse all of the bombs on the screen to aid in the collection of coins.
  • The player has a limited period of time to collect as many coins as possible.
  • There are various levels of difficulty. The amount of power needed for each stroke becomes more as the difficulty increases.
  • The time duration for each game is adjustable and ranges between one minute and five minutes.
  • A high score is saved if the player attains a new record.
  • It is possible to play without the Concept2 rower – but not as much fun, IMO 😉
Concept2 Rowing Game Erg Dude Download On The App Store

It would mean a great deal to me if you would check out the game! I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! You can contact me at


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