ErgZone Rowing Plans

Online Rowing Training Courses for All Levels

While working towards your personal rowing goals, you need all of the technical advice, guidance, and support you can get to ensure you succeed with ease. That’s why I’ve created two rowing courses for each experience level, which you can work through at your own pace.
Select the one (or more) that best aligns with your goals, and get going on making powerful rowing progress. Alternatively, if you’re unsure which of my rowing courses would best suit you, simply get in touch and I’ll be happy to offer my professional opinion.

ErgZone Level I


1.1) Learn to Row Training Plan

Technique and Fitness Fundamentals

If you’re new to the sport or have just started training on an indoor rower, this novice rowing training plan is perfect for you. Within my Learn to Row Training Plan, I’ve included basic rowing drills and sessions to help you understand the fundamentals of the sport.
To help you formulate a firm foundation for your future goals, this rowing course contains comprehensive video demonstrations and cues pertaining to correct muscle group activations, movement coordination, and how to enhance your power.

1.2) Aerobic Base

4-Week Endurance Builder

To become a powerful rower, aerobics conditioning is crucial. Throughout this rowing course, you’ll be training your heart and lungs to pump blood more efficiently, allowing the right muscle groups to receive more oxygen.
This rowing training plan comprises 4x weekly sessions of between 20 – 45 minutes, focusing on general endurance, weight loss, and overall wellness. This rowing course acts a bridge between my Novice and Competent training plans, ensuring you progress at the right pace.

ErgZone Level II


2.1) 5K Training Plan

Beginner Training – 4 Weeks

If you have a 5K row coming up, you need to ensure your body, mind, and rowing technique are ready for what awaits you. To help you properly prepare, this rowing training plan features multiple lower-intensity training sessions to fortify your aerobic base. This is a 4-week rowing course that requires you to train for a total of 3 hours a week.

2.2) 2K Training Plan

Beginner and Intermediate Training – 4 Weeks Each

Whether you have a 2K test or race coming up, this rowing training plan will ensure you are in the perfect condition to tackle it to the best of your ability. This 8-week rowing course is split into 4 weeks of aerobic conditioning and technique refining, followed by 4 additional weeks of higher-volume and more challenging sessions.

ErgZone Level III

Advanced/ Competitive

3.1) 5K Training Plan

Intermediate and Advanced Training – 4 Weeks Each

For rowing athletes competing at school, college, or pro levels, this rowing training plan offers you an 8-week structured and carefully planned 5K training regimen. Although this course is similar to Level II, the training sessions are of a higher and more challenging level. If you want to crush your 5K rowing goals, this rowing course requires an 8-week commitment that guarantees results.

3.2) 2K Training Plan

Intermediate and Advanced Training – 4 Weeks Each

If you’re an athlete preparing for a 2K race or test, then this rowing training plan is for you. Designed for rowers competing at school, college, and pro levels, this 8-week program carries you through higher volume and more challenging sessions that aim to help you smash your 2K time personal best.