Executive Function For Rowers and Coaches

Core Mindset Skills Needed For Athletic and Coaching Success

Athletic coaches play a critical role in developing their athletes in terms of physical abilities and mental and emotional well-being. Executive functioning is a set of cognitive skills essential for goal-directed behavior, such as planning, organizing, and problem-solving. These skills are vital for success in athletics and life, and coaches who understand the importance of executive functioning can help their athletes develop these skills and reach their full potential in addition to developing into better coaches themselves. Psychological skills in themselves don’t achieve peak performance, but when they are coupled with other forms of effective training they do help athletes and coaches reach their true potential.

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4 Part Series

Executive Functioning For Rowers and Coaches

executive function for rowers
executive function for rowers


Impulse and Emotional Control

Rowers need impulse control to maintain focus and discipline during long, grueling practice and racing sessions. Rowing is a sport that requires a high level of physical and mental endurance, and impulse control is essential for managing physical and emotional impulses that can disrupt performance.


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Flexible Thinking and Working Memory

In this second part of four, relating to executive function and athletic performances and coaching competencies, I examine the importance of flexible thinking and working memory.

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Self Monitoring and Planning/Prioritization

Rowing is a complex sport, as it not only demands physical strength and expert technique but also a keen sense of cognitive function, specifically in terms of self-monitoring and planning and prioritization. Self-monitoring, the act of observing and assessing one’s behavior, thoughts, performance, and feelings, serves as an internal feedback system for rowers.

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Task Initiation and Organization

Rowing, a sport of endurance, power, and synchronization, requires a keen sense of physicality and an indomitable mental framework. Central to this framework is the concept of executive function, a collection of cognitive skills paramount for success in athletics and life. Among these, task initiation and organization stand as pivotal.

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