Force Curves: Understanding To Improve

Understanding Force Curves To Improve

I am very pleased to share with you a presentation that I completed a couple of weeks ago for USRowing – Understanding Force Curves To Improve.

Force application during the rowing drive phase is not a topic that gets much attention, but it is a vital factor for getting the most speed possible.

In this presentation, I provide an overview of these graphs and explain how to use them to help boost performance.

My continued thanks to Peter Mallory and the late Cas Rekers (inventor of the RowPerfect) for their support in providing the machine generated and digitally captured force curves used in this presentation.

Update: you can now view the complete The Sport of Rowing by Peter Mallory at I invite you to come to your own conclusions.

The topics covered in the presentation include:

  • A brief history of force curves.
  • What is a force curve?
  • Kernschlag vs Schubschlag force application strategies.
  • A detailed look at various successful world and Olympic athletes and the different kinds of force applications they employed.
  • A brief look at force curves and applications for use in a crew.
  • How to create the best force curve possible.
  • Why are Steve Gladstone’s crews successful?
  • A look at various apps that I have developed that use the force curve.
  • RowingSTEM, applications for community outreach and access to the complete RowingSTEM curriculum.
  • Q and A.

If you wish to download the slides that accompany the presentation so that you can examine the graphics in more detail or visit the various links and resources please click here.

Force curves analysis of Schubschlag force application

Effective Force Curves

There is a lot of value in this presentation with tips to help you row faster and be more informed. I think that you may be surprised by some of my findings. The force curve represents a scientific window into the why the art and feel of good rowing results in the fastest boat speed possible.

I hope you enjoy the presentation and it brings some value to your rowing journey!

As always, happy to answer questions or discuss how I might support you in a coaching capacity. You can always contact me at



  1. […] To view my USRowing force curves presentation, follow this link. […]

  2. […] The main aspect of rowing performance is that the flywheel or boat speed at the end of the stroke is the most important factor. If you are rowing a solid accelerated stroke, your force curve will have a convex nature to it without any concavities. Using the body effectively and organically allows for a smooth force application and produces a force curve that is smooth and maintains a convex nature all the way through. For more information on force curves and what they mean for technique and application effectiveness, I recommend viewing my USRowing presentation on force curves. […]

  3. […] on how to read or use the force curve to help understand force application, you should watch my USRowing presentation “Force Curves: Understanding To Improve”. This functionality sets this platform apart and provides a virtual rowing coach who has a deep […]

  4. […] We discussed the force curve and how a better understanding of what it shows could help them row faster and more cohesively.  I was able to show them various slides of my USRowing presentation – Force Curves – Understanding To Improve.  […]

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