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Latest YouTube Videos

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In this video, we will do the following training session:

6-minute pick drill warm-up flow

2 x 15 minutes with 3 minutes rest between

1st 15 minutes:
7′ – 18spm
5′ – 20spm
3′ – 22spm

2nd 15 minutes:
7′ – 20spm
5′ – 22spm
3′ – 24spm

5-minute cool down – reverse pick drill

In this video, I connect track and field throwing events such as the Javelin and what it can teach us about creating force and power during the drive phase of the rowing stroke.

I demonstrate the use of a light band to help you feel the correct activation of muscles at the beginning of the drive. Please ensure that the band you use is secured carefully and has no damage or is compromised in any manner. Also, remember that this is about small amounts of force to enable you to feel the right activation when you row without the band with more effort.

Learning how to develop power on the drive is essential for rowing performance. I perform a series of 1-minute power pieces in this row-along video at a rate cap of 20 spm.

Training Session Protocol:

10-minute warm-up
-Pick Drill
-3 x 10 power 10 at 20 spm

Main Session
(1′ on at 20spm, 1′ paddle) x 10

Cool Down
5 minutes cool down row.

Learning to connect the hip or seat to the handle is an essential part of a successful drive phase of the rowing stroke. In this video, I share a tip to help teach this important concept.


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