Online Rowing Coach Services

Online Rowing Coach

Attain a higher level of rowing performance with coaching personalized to your individual needs.


  • Increase your physiological capability.
  • You will learn to row more efficiently and expend less energy improving your performance.
  • You will row faster and have more energy for the other parts of the WOD.
  • You will perform better at your competitions.
  • Handle your pre-competition anxiety more effectively.
  • Monitor your progress over time.
  • You will learn more about the sport.
  • Get the most from your time spent training.
  • Improve your aerobic capacity and foundation for sprint rowing.
  • Improve your performance physiology, mindset, and technique.

Coaching Clinics

  • Save time and see greater performance gains in your members or clients.
  • Improve your knowledge of rowing biomechanics.
  • Build your knowledge of rowing drills so that you can quickly identify the correct fix for many different types of technical errors.
  • You will learn how to use the monitor on the Concept 2 ergometer to analyze power application and be to provide targeted feedback for your athletes.
Online Rowing Coach Services

How Much Do My Coaching Services Cost?

I offer different coaching services for different lengths of time. Click here to view my pricing list for the various plans that I offer at this time.

Individualized Training Plan

Get the plan that you need to improve your physiology, mental game and technique.

Rowing Training Plans Online Rowing Programs

Training Management System

My training management system saves time by keeping track of your workouts and helping you see progress over time.

Rowing Training Plan Rowing Data

Data Analysis

Use my data analysis tools to obtain deep analysis of your rowing data. This will help us see what is working well and what we need to work on.

Remote Rowing Coach - Rowing Training Plans

Improve Your Mindset

You will gain access to the tools to help you improve your motivation, visualization and goal setting. These tools will help you with your rowing and also in other aspects of your life.

Sport Psychology Rowing Psychology


I will provide feedback via email or via Skype as you progress on your training journey. Our relationship will grow and develop as we approach the challenges inherent developing your aptitude and growth.


In order to be successful, you need an accountability partner. I’m invested in your success and that fact that you need to report in, elevates my training programs above preset template programs.

Online Rowing Coach Services