Online Rowing Coach Services

I’m about ten weeks into a program that Neil prepared for me and I’ve already lowered my personal best in the 2K twice! The program Neil designed is personalized for me; it’s designed to target my weaknesses while also training all energy systems in order to achieve my particular goals. I know I’ve got a richly knowledgeable, highly experienced, truly thoughtful coach in my corner. He consistently offers helpful feedback, positive encouragement, and is always available to connect. I can’t recommend him highly enough! – Stephen Kress

Online Rowing Coaching

Attain a higher level of rowing performance with online rowing coaching personalized to your individual needs.


  • Create more opportunities for college rowing.
  • Develop more confidence when rowing the 2K piece
  • Row more efficiently and expend less energy.
  • Row faster and have more energy for the other parts of the WOD.
  • Perform better at your competitions.
  • Handle your pre-competition anxiety more effectively.
  • Monitor your progress over time.
  • Learn more about the sport.
  • Get the most from your time spent training.
  • Improve your aerobic capacity and foundation for sprint rowing.
  • Improve your performance physiology, mindset, and technique.

Coaching Clinics

  • Save time and see greater performance gains in your members or clients.
  • Improve your knowledge of rowing biomechanics.
  • Build your knowledge of rowing drills so that you can quickly identify the correct fix for many different types of technical errors.
  • You will learn how to use the monitor on the Concept 2 ergometer to analyze power application and be to provide targeted feedback for your athletes.
Online Rowing Coach Services

How Much Do My Coaching Services Cost?

I offer different coaching services for different lengths of time. Click here to view my pricing list for the various plans that I offer at this time.

I started indoor rowing over two years ago when I purchased my Concept 2. I met Coach Neil though an online search when my progress started fading, and in some respects, going in the opposite direction. This is my third month on his program and my gains in performance, technique and confidence on the ERG have been astounding. Through Coach’s program, I learned that rowing is a very technical sport. To my surprise, I feel that half of my improvements are coming from my rowing form and efficiency. All the YouTube videos I’ve studied don’t compare to Coach Neil’s real time one on one hour lesson via Skype and his monthly personal rowing technique video analysis. I can’t recommend enough to anyone looking for big gains in both performance and technique Coach Neil’s training programs with at least one real time lesson. I personally look forward to bigger gains throughout the year as I progress. – Alan Rosa

Rowing Training Plan Available ($35)

I have a fifteen session workout plan that provides three workouts a week for five weeks. The program is periodized gradually progressing the intensity and volume of training, with a taper week as the final week in preparation for a 2k test or race.

If you would like to purchase that plan ($35 via Paypal payment), please email me at, and I can arrange to send you the program. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the programming.

What Do Others Say About My Coaching?

Click here to read testimonials from the athletes and coaches that I have worked with during my career.

I’m a 50+ y/o former tennis player and ultra-marathon runner who started erging several years ago to stay in shape, but I stopped making progress. I searched the internet for answers and found Neil’s YouTube videos. They were clear and informative. Neil effectively articulates rowing and erging concepts; he makes things simple and straightforward. I contacted him to create an individualized four-week training program for a 2k race. The plan was concise and easy to follow, and I appreciated that he checked in on my progress. I could not have been happier with the results! Following his plan, I cut my 2k time by 11 seconds in only four weeks! And, I beat my target goal by 4 seconds. Now, I’m considering signing up for more custom coaching. I have tremendous confidence in Neil’s ability to help me achieve— and surpass — my goals.
Branko Radulovacki, Atlanta, GA

Online Rowing Coaching

Individualized Training Plan

Use the training plan that you need to help you get to the next level.

Rowing Training Plan - Online Rowing Coaching
A sample of an individualized rowing training plan.

Training Management System

online rowing coaching training plan

Save time by keeping track of your workouts and track your progress over time.

Data Analysis

Obtain a deep analysis of your rowing data. Find out what is working well and what we need to work on.

Rowing Data Analytics Watts and Stroke Rate
Scatter Plot of rowing data showing watts pulled per stroke plotted relative to stroke rate.

Improve Your Mindset

You will gain access to tools that will help you improve your motivation, visualization, and goal setting. These tools will help you with your rowing and also in other aspects of your life. For more information on the Athlete Psychology Diagnostic click here.

Rowing Psychology Drive Motivation Focus Goal Setting
The Rowing Psychology diagnostic helps athletes and coaches work on their mental approach to the sport of rowing. The diagnostic is a self-awareness tool that is important for training the mental aspects of your success.


I will provide feedback via email or via Skype as you progress on your training journey. Our relationship will grow and develop as we approach the challenges inherent in developing your aptitude and growth.


In order to be successful, it is important to have support from a knowledgeable guide to help you improve. I promise to be invested in you and your success.

Online Rowing Coach Services