Remote Rowing Coach App

Most rowing apps don’t give you access to the raw data you need to fine tune your performance or allow you to coach athletes remotely and in real-time. 

With Remote Rowing Coach, you will gain the technology you need to make your rowing or coaching practice targeted and effective.

Rowing Coach App

I know that you want to row or coach at a higher level. In order to do that, you need a rowing app to provide the tools you need to gain that advantage. The problem is that most rowing apps don’t provide access to the important data such as force curve data. Or the ability to monitor Concept2 PM5 data from a remote location.

The problem is that during this time you don’t have access to the technology that can enable this. Which makes it hard to improve your performance or coach effectively from a remote location. This leaves you feeling frustrated in terms of performance gains or unable to maximize the performance of your athletes.

I believe that it is important that athletes have access to all the data they need to improve.

Additionally, I believe that coaches should have the technology that provides them with real-time data to inform them when performance gains occur.

I understand that making a positive technical change requires a change in movement. It also requires improved connection that results in effective force application. It is one thing to change a movement pattern. However, until a change results in an effective application of increased force then the change does not produce more speed.

Speed is the ultimate factor when it comes to rowing performance.

If you don’t have the means to know if a technical change results in an improvement in performance in real-time it becomes even harder to reinforce the coaching needed to sustain the improvement.

For this reason, I developed Remote Rowing Coach an iOS and web rowing coach app. This technology has enabled me to become a far more effective remote coach for my clients and has aided me in tripling the revenue of my personal rowing coaching business in one year.

At this time, I am making the software available for public distribution so that more rowers and coaches can benefit from the technology and gain more speed.

Remote Rowing Coach - App Store

For Athletes:

Improve your drive phase for better performance with force curve analysis (one-time in-app purchase).

Save time tracking your training and performance with Concept2 Logbook integration.

Discover data insights from your training with extensive data analysis tools.

Remote coaching (subscription needed) allows for transmission of your rowing data in real-time to another location running another instance of the app.

Maximize your training time and avoid over training with heart rate zone indicators, to optimize your training load between your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Perform 7 or 10 stroke max power testing with CSV format export for ease of tracking performance and data handling.

Save a picture of your data analysis to your device.

Remote Rowing Coach - App Store

For Coaches

Enhance your ability to grow your coaching practice and support your athletes from anywhere in the world.

Provide targeted feedback with your access to real-time Concept2 PM5 data to help improve your athlete’s performance.

Remote Rowing Coach - App Store
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