This Rowing Technology Can Give You The Edge You Need.

This Rowing Technology Can Give You The Edge You Need.


Rowing Coach Technology

Coach Bergenroth Training Management System

coach bergenroth rowing coaching training management system

The Coach Bergenroth Training Management System offers comprehensive online rowing training and an athlete management portal/database to enhance service delivery for an expanding client base. This rowing coach technology offers a more streamlined experience, allowing athletes to log in, view upcoming training cycles, and record key metrics for each workout. Coaches can manage training plans, monitor progress, adjust training, and set individualized training targets using the critical power model mentioned below. The training management system also features the ability to leave feedback after each training session, and coaches can, in turn, respond to that feedback in due course.

Critical Power Tool

critical power graph setting appropriate targets for rowers and athletes on the concept 2

The “Critical Power” tool is pivotal for rowers, offering a nuanced metric that underpins effective training strategies. It marks the transition between sustainable, aerobic effort and rapid fatigue due to anaerobic exertion. This tool aids in benchmarking performance, identifying training zones, and devising race strategies, ultimately improving rowing endurance and power.

Real-Time PM5 Metrics Remote Coaching

real time PM5 Concept2 remote coaching

Real-Time PM5 Metrics Remote Coaching

The Coach Bergenroth app offers a sophisticated virtual rowing coaching experience, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of rowing performance. Combining an iOS app’s convenience with a web interface allows live transmission of crucial rowing data, such as power and force curves, directly from Concept2 PM5 monitors. This setup enhances coaching sessions by providing immediate feedback on technique and performance, enabling coaches to offer precise guidance remotely. The app’s real-time data analysis/rowing coach technology and the ability to share session CSVs for in-depth review make it a powerful tool for athletes and coaches looking to elevate their rowing performance.

Force Curve Analysis

The “Force Curve Analysis” tool provided by the Remote Rowing Coach app and now The Coach Bergenroth App (Beta) enhances rowing coach technology by offering detailed insights into athletes’ force application during strokes. This analysis helps identify optimal force application strategies, such as the front-loaded drive, and pinpoints areas for improvement in stroke mechanics. By comparing average force curves at different rates, coaches can effectively guide athletes toward more efficient rowing technique, leading to improved performance and boat speed.

Rowing Power Testing

rowing coach technology peak power testing rowing strength and conditioning

The “Rowing Power Testing” functionality within the Remote Rowing Coach app and now The Coach Bergenroth App addresses data collection challenges during rowing power assessments, particularly the difficulty in capturing short-duration high-intensity efforts with traditional methods. By leveraging this tool, coaches and athletes gain access to precise and comprehensive power output data for each stroke, enabling more accurate analysis and optimization of performance. This tool’s ability to export and graphically compare test results fosters a data-driven approach to training, ultimately aiming to correlate peak power with improved 2K scores.

Rowing Video Analysis

In beta, the “Rowing Video Analysis” tool in the Coach Bergenroth app elevates rowing coach technology by integrating real-time force application feedback into video analysis. This innovative feature allows athletes and coaches to view rowing technique in slow motion alongside critical performance metrics, bridging the gap between visual technique assessment and quantitative data analysis. This holistic approach enhances the understanding and improvement of rowing technique, contributing significantly to developing more effective and efficient rowing performance.

Concept2 Integration

The Coach Bergenroth app enhances the rowing experience for Concept2 users by integrating with the Concept2 Logbook API, allowing for the automatic transfer and tracking of workout data. This feature streamlines monitoring progress, setting goals, and tailoring training programs, making it easier for rowers to analyze their performance and improve their skills.

3D Life Fitness Diagnostic

life fitness desire diagnostic coach bergenroth summary

The 3D Life Fitness Diagnostic, offered by Coach Bergenroth, is a comprehensive assessment tool designed to enhance the effectiveness of fitness coaching. By evaluating mental, emotional, and physical aspects, this diagnostic goes beyond traditional fitness assessments to provide a holistic view of one’s health and fitness journey. This allows for developing tailored fitness programs that address physical needs and consider mental and emotional factors, fostering a stronger coach-client relationship and promoting sustainable progress.

Athletic Mindset Diagnostic

Sport Psychology Rowing Psychology

The Athletic Mindset Diagnostic is a specialized tool to enhance competitive athletes’ mental approach towards their sport. This app builds upon the foundation set by the 3D Life Fitness Diagnostic, refining its focus to cater specifically to the mental facets critical in competitive training and performance. It assesses key psychological dimensions such as drive, confidence, self-management, concentration, and internal and external motivation factors, offering tailored feedback and strategies for improvement. This tool not only aids in personal athlete development but also provides valuable insights for coaches to foster a more mentally resilient and focused team environment


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