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April 14, 2018
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Rowing Data and Analytics

Rowing Data Management

I’ve spent the last couple of months improving the rowing data management system to allow for coaches to manage the training plans of their teams. The improvements in the system include:

  1. Team divisions can be created or edited.
  2. Administer training plans for the whole team.
  3. Individualization is possible for each athlete.
  4. The athlete psychology diagnostic administration and analysis tools, are now part of the system so that can include sport psychology metrics in your athlete development toolkit. This helps you coach the whole athlete.

Future Updates Include

1. More communication tools for sending out training plans and announcements.
2. Weight training programs and more rowing data analysis tools.
3. Technical analysis tools that feature videos and technical benchmarking.

Suggestions For Features

What would be helpful for your program? So far I have heard from folks who have requested the following.

  1. Attendance management which integrates into lineup selection.
  2. Nutrition, recipes, and self-evaluations.
  3. Seat race record keeping and a place to review all data on one athlete quickly.

What else would make your life easier as a coach or athlete regarding rowing data management?

Want To Use The System as it stands today? Contact me at, and we can talk.

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