Rowing Training Tools


Robust Rowing Training Tools

To help make training more effective while improving your overall performance as a rower, I’ve created a suite of rowing training tools that ensure every aspect of your development is fine-tuned for success. These rowing apps work together to provide exceptional analysis and feedback, helping you become the best rower you can be!

The Coach Bergenroth Rowing App

Get ready to enhance your training experience and advance your rowing progress. This rowing training tool enables you to seamlessly integrate data from your Concept2 rowing machine and receive personalized, professional feedback.

In-App Video Capture with PM5 Metrics

Capture video footage directly within the app while simultaneously displaying performance metrics from the PM5 monitor of your Concept2 rowing machine. 

Real-Time Remote Coaching

Receive coaching and feedback directly from me in real-time, no matter where you are in the world. 

Peak Power Analysis

Analyze your peak power output during rowing sessions, gaining insights into your strengths and areas for improvement to help you optimize your training regimen.

Training Management System

To complement the Coach Bergenroth Rowing App, my comprehensive Training Management System grants you continual feedback and data-driven coaching that provides a personalized overview of your performance and progress.

Force Curve Analysis

Analyze the force curve generated during rowing strokes, allowing you to assess your technique, identify areas of inefficiency or imbalance, and make adjustments to improve efficiency and performance.

Adaptive Corrective Critical Power Modeling

Assess your critical power threshold and make real-time adjustments to training plans based on performance data. By adapting training intensity and volume dynamically, you can optimize your training sessions to match your current fitness level and maximize progress over time.

Energy Zone Analysis

Categorize your training intensity levels to ensure your workouts are tailored to your specific fitness goals and training objectives.

Mindset Diagnostics

Rowing is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. That’s why I also provide mindset diagnostics to help you develop the mental resilience needed to excel in your sport and beyond.

Athletic Mindset Diagnostic Tool

Assess your mental toughness, motivation, confidence, and other psychological factors that grant you insight into ways you can optimize your mental resilience in both training and competition.

3D Life Fitness Program

Delve into personalized exercise routines, nutrition plans, stress management techniques, and mindfulness practices designed to support your overall wellness and athletic performance.

Video Review Analysis

I believe that one of the best ways to empower your performance is by inspecting and analyzing your rowing technique. That’s why, as part of my rowing training tools, I’ve included a video review analysis to help you pin-point areas of personal improvement.

Detailed Technical Review

Analyze your overall rowing technique, focusing on various aspects such as body positioning, blade work, catch and release timing, force application, stroke length, and overall stroke efficiency.

Biomechanics and Performance

Based on the findings of the technical review, you’ll receive targeted drills and exercises designed to address specific areas of your rowing technique.


Improve Your Rowing Performance Tomorrow

Whether you’re aiming for personal bests or eyeing college scholarships, each of my rowing apps are here to help you reach your goals. Download any number of my rowing training tools today or schedule a consultation to discover the difference personalized coaching and cutting-edge technology can make in your rowing development.