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If you are doing a steady state/long slow distance on the Concept2, Inc. rowing machine, be intentional about it. Instead of just grinding away the mileage mindlessly you could be working on technique with deliberate practice.

Some things you can check on include:

1) Are you pushing with your legs to start the drive?
2) If your heels come off the footplate at the catch, are you getting them down quickly?
3) Are you engaging your core when you drive?
4) Are your shoulders relaxed and are you engaging through the lats?
5) Are you sequencing out of the finish correctly, i.e. arms away and then the body preparation?
6) Do you establish body angle early in the recovery?
7) Do you keep the hands and therefore chain under control?
8) Are you driving horizontally?
9) Are you hanging your weight off the handle and pushing through your hips?
10) Are you sitting tall at the finish/release?

There’s more, but that will do for starters….

Choose two or three of these each piece and be mindful of them. Segment your piece into 2-minute intervals and just focus on one thing for that two minutes. Then check on on another technical point for the next two minutes…and repeat. Your technique will improve and the piece will be more productive and will be a great deal more interesting (will feel shorter).

If your coach is just giving you miles to do without technical drills points to focus on, you need to have a chat with them as soon as possible. Mileage alone doesn’t make champions. Intentional mileage will be more productive. #mindfulness #rowing #technique #intention

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