Rowing Workouts and Athlete Management Portal/Database

Rowing Workouts and Athlete Management Portal/Database

Rowing Workouts - Athlete Management Portal - Rowing Coaching

It’s been some time since I blogged so you might be wondering what I have been up to. “Lots of projects!” is the answer.

One of the projects that I have been working on is an online database of rowing workouts. My client list is steadily growing and I want a way to serve them more effectively. In the past, I have been using Google docs to write workout plans for my athletes. While I have found this somewhat helpful, I have found that it can be clunky to use.

Therefore, I got to work developing an online database that my clients can use to view, monitor, and record their training.

Rowing Workout Tracking For Athletes

The system allows my athletes to log in and then see what the training is for the next few training cycles. My athletes can also log their distance, average heart rate, calories and 500m pace for each workout. Workouts can be compared in order for an athlete can see how they perform on a particular workout historically.

Rowing Coaching - Rowing Workout Database

The main menu of the rowing coaching database

Coaching Functionality

The system allows me to select a particular client and then manage their training plan. I can also see progress at a click of a button to establish if training is going well or needs to be adjusted. My athletes can also download Excel or PDF documents of their training schedule. The system provides heart rate zones for workouts that work different energy systems.

Rowing Coaching - Online Database of Rowing Workouts

The database of rowing workouts. I can choose from a growing list of workouts to help my clients reach their performance goals.


Code that runs at the end of each day provides me with a daily digest of workouts that have been completed in the last twenty-four hours. I am going to add a workout reminder that emails each client their scheduled workout for the day. I think it would also be helpful to have an email that provides a quick look at the last week of training with improvements over past workouts or a reminder for the day of training.

Rowing Database - Compare Workouts

Athletes can view and compare their past performance.

Future Development

I have just completed the first version of the software and I have plans to add some more functionality over time such as:

  • Benchmark workouts such as 6km or 2km tests. The system should able to predict a 2k score on a certain date based on a current benchmark at a certain stage.
  • Graphing functionality in order for results and progress to be more visual (like graphs for quick comparison of performance).
  • Providing services to other coaches so that they can manage their workout programs and monitor their team’s progress. Coaches can run statistical analysis on workouts to see if the team as a whole is progressing.
  • I’ve also got plans to develop a rowing specific version of the 3D Mental Fitness Diagnostic. If you join my newsletter with your email, you can test drive it for free!

It’s been really fun to put this together and I hope more people are able to use the system to help them reach their performance goals on the rowing ergometer or in the boat.

I’m excited about the possibilities of this system and would welcome feedback from coaches and athletes. I’m interested to know what functionality would make your life easier.

Contact me on neil@coachbergenroth.comor comment below and let me know how I can help!

Happy training!


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