Teaching Hang and Connection With The Grok C2 Erg Suspension Strap

Teaching Hang and Connection With The Grok C2 Erg Suspension Strap

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I am excited to feature a product on my website that can serve as both a technical tool as well as help build strength. The Grok Rowing C2 Erg Suspension Strap is an accessory device to be used with a Concept2 rowing machine that provides a coaching aid to help athletes understand connection and hang off the oar handle.

The set up of the strap is a bit of a learning curve, but once you have installed one strap on a machine, subsequent straps are easier to set up. You will need a set of alum wrenches to help with installation. I am told by the manufacturer that videos to help instruct how to install the strap are in production. 

In the video below, I demonstrate how to install the strap and show how it can be used to learn hang and connection.

First, you loosen and undo a couple of the screws that attach the hanging bracket to the machine. 

Next, thread the strap through the plates and then use the screws provided by Grok Rowing. (they are a little longer than the C2 screws that come with the machine) Then attach the strap and metal plates to the machine. 

Use the carabiner provided and thread that through the strap you just attached to the machine. 

Attach the other strap to the carabiner and thread the plates attached to that strap through the hook that attaches the chain to the handle as shown in this picture. 

And that’s it, you are ready to go!

Using The Strap

One of the most effective drills you can do to teach hang is to have a person face the athlete and then hold the handle. This allows the athlete to push through the foot stretcher and hang off the handle and therefore suspend their weight between the foot stretcher and handle. A large part of rowing is about using your body weight effectively. The greatest amount of power per stroke can be developed when an athlete discovers how to use their body weight on the handle.

With the Grok Rowing C2 Erg Suspension strap installed, it can be used in an individual coaching situation. The participant can hold the handle, while keeping the arms engaged and press through the feet. They know that they have a successful connection because they can lift some or all of their weight off the seat. This allows a coach to work with the athlete a little more directly.

Isometric Contraction

The strap can also be used as part of a circuit training session. For example, athletes could be instructed to perform a series of isometric contraction holds for a certain period of time or number of repetitions. 

When the strap is not in use, it can be folded up and fastened with velcro so that the machine can be stored or transported. 

There is also a coach assisted strap in the works which allows a coach to control the point of the drive where the athlete can hang off the handle. This allows a coach to work with an athlete to feel connection at virtually any point in the drive and this teaches better application of force. 


In conclusion, I love the concept behind this Concept2 ergometer accessory both as a technical and training tool. Assuming the strap is installed correctly, I also see this as safer than the alternative of another person holding the handle so that the athlete can practice their hang connection. The strap has been tested for weight up to 600lbs and Concept2 have told Grok Rowing that the handle on the machine can handle up to 300lbs.

For more information on Grok Rowing Accessories, please visit https://www.grokrowing.com/


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