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I’ve been meaning to get to this development project for a while now that involved team force curve analysis and was able to work on it this past weekend. Given the developments in Remote Rowing Coach, I wanted to see what a graph might look like if we were able to plot average force curves at a specific stroke rate for a collection of rowers. (probably need to be normalized because drive time is not the same as rate because of different recovery times, but it is a start, which is why Athlete C curve finishes at a later time, which is still helpful information IMO).

Here are the results of my development work thus far. Thanks to my clients, you know how you are for donating your data to the cause. 😉

Live Beta Testing

I am in the process of looking for a team or two to collect data from (say a 2k test) and wanted to see if the 1V, 2V, or 3V curves had any correlation. I know that this is not in a boat and there are some assumptions as to the applicability of this on the water, but you can’t fault a coach’s curiosity. It’s called research and development for a reason….

I think that team force curve analysis has the potential to help coaches find patterns with their athletes. It could even be used to suggest lineups that might work on the water. With that said, this is all unproven and just an experiment that I am starting to examine what the correlations might be.

I am building an enhanced version of Remote Rowing Coach that allows for the collection of data from a PM5 V2 or later (force curve data transmitted over Bluetooth, the earlier version does not do that), and then this data can be sent to the server for analysis by a coach through the use of a web browser.

What say you?

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