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A one-stop shop and gateway to rowing excellence, a total master of his craft, the inspirational Coach Neil Bergenroth offers highly effective, bespoke rowing programs geared to successfully achieve personal training milestones.

I have enjoyed seeing my performance soar on the age-related Concept2 rankings, from third to top quartiles, into my third year under Coach Neil’s care.  This impressive progress was achieved via Coach Neil’s carefully considered programs, which avoided the counter-productive pitfalls associated with overtraining & injury – a setback that many enthusiastic novices fall prey to.  The workouts are anchored on the different physiological methods of energy transfer within the human body and introduce imaginative strategies that I simply would not have considered if operating solo.  Furthermore, all this is tuned to my developing ability level.  Of course, for success to be realized, athletes will need to consistently commit to their agreed training schedule.

The programs neatly consider the ‘Three Ss’ of building ‘Strength,’ ‘Stamina,’ and ‘Suppleness.’   

Distance, pace, power, differing heart rates, form, drills, differing ratings, interval-setting, and the mental approach are all constituent ingredients that underpin the program’s recipe for success.  So, as an oarsman still rowing in my mid-fifties, I am enjoying tremendous health and well-being benefits that will ensure I remain in great shape for many years to come.  Given all this, I intend to stick with Coach Neil for the long haul.

Although located many thousands of miles away, in Belgium, Europe, this is not a drawback to Coach Neil’s methodology since there is a highly evolved training portal, complete with an integrated Smart Phone App, which seamlessly handles performance data submission.  In turn, the portal enables swift feedback to enable a close, trusted bond and partnership between athlete and mentor.    In addition, athletes are encouraged to submit videos of their rowing form, which are reviewed and critiqued.  Following my first review, I completely overhauled my Concept2 set-up position, thereby making easy gains I would otherwise have overlooked.  With all this backing, there is an atmosphere of total integration into the burgeoning rowing community – rather than perhaps a feeling of dislocated isolation. 

Most highly recommended and a true gem of a find, it’s extremely reassuring that I can draw on Coach Neil’s encyclopedic knowledge, which covers the fantastic sport that is rowing so entirely.   I am considering enrolling my teenage daughter in one of the excellent junior programs.  As said, Coach Neil offers a one-stop shop and gateway to rowing excellence for my family members and me.

Graeme Rook, British Chartered Engineer (CEng MIET), located in Belgium, Europe.


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