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I’ve been on spring break this week, so here on some thoughts on building some aspects of a rowing training plan. publish some videos on my YouTube channel. I hope that they bring you value in your rowing journey and if you have something that you would like to see me discuss on the channel, please drop me a line. If you like my content please consider subscribing to the channel for future updates.

My Coaching and Training Plan Methodology

In this first video, I take some time to explain how I think through building a training plan for a client. I outline a week-long training program that is a generalized approach to building a program for an athlete. All of my programs are individualized, so I keep the client in mind at all times. I have a conversation before planning out a schedule because there are many factors that go into building a training program to maximize success. These include the age, gender, experience level and goals of the client, to mention a few. You can see a complete write up of this approach at this link and I have included a week-long example plan for you to try if you wish. I also have included a spreadsheet that helps you figure out where your heart rate zones are.

Sample Anaerobic Training Session

In the following video, I expand upon the content in the above video and discuss how to set an anaerobic training session. The session is a 4 x 8-minute session which teaches how to pace this kind of training. The goal is to learn how to pace a 2k test effectively.

How To Build A More Powerful Rowing Stroke

In this video, I take the time to explain how to go about building torque and power at low rates. It’s important to learn that power is somewhat independent of rate. For example, it is important to learn how to connect with the machine and create high watts at row rates. It is necessary to create this power at low rates and provide a foundation for when the rate increases when undertaking high rate work such as anaerobic threshold work, transportation work, and anaerobic threshold work.

I hope this content brings you value, it would mean a great deal to me if you could tell me what you thought or share this content with those that might benefit.

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