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virtual rowing coach

Early in my tenure as a virtual rowing coach, I hit a challenge when coaching a new client. I could not monitor their data, such as power or force curves, and view their technique on the Zoom call.

This prompted me to create the iOS app, Remote Rowing Coach. The app provides a platform for a virtual rowing coach and online real-time transmission of Concept2 PM5 V2 data.

The app allows the athlete to track data, and it also has the benefit of allowing the coach to view metrics on a mobile iOS device.

Additionally, there is also a web interface that allows for the monitoring of real-time data in a browser. The best browser for this is Chrome which allows the athlete to use the browser to connect to the PM5 without the need for an iOS device.

Virtual Rowing Coach Web Browser Configuration

In the photo below, you can see how browser windows can be arranged to allow the monitoring of data and viewing of the athlete simultaneously. This is the setup that I use when I coach my clients online.

virtual rowing coach software app

The real-time force curve provides information on the manner in which the athlete is applying force during the course of the stroke. For more information on how to read or use the force curve to help understand force application, you should watch my USRowing presentation “Force Curves: Understanding To Improve”. This functionality sets this platform apart and provides a virtual rowing coach with a deep understanding of the rowing stroke and the opportunity to perform their job at a higher level.

I also really like the ability to see intervals and splits in real time. This allows me to monitor an athlete’s pacing when we are conducting a 2k or 5k test, for example.

Another metric I look at is stroke length. When an athlete is tired, their stroke length can sometimes shorten. I have direct access to this metric which is helpful when reminding athletes to stay long when the pressure mounts on a tough test piece.

The benefit of this system is that it functions together to allow me or any other virtual rowing coach to provide a higher level of remote coaching. I can see in real-time how my technical instructions Impact speed/athlete performance.

At the end of the session, my client can send me a CSV of the training session, enabling me to do an in-depth analysis of the training. I am working on a web interface that allows for extensive data analysis. I hope to release it publically as time allows.

I’d love your thoughts on the online coaching system I have built. If you are a coach looking to expand your business, let me know if you want to take it for a test run. If you are an athlete in need of some technical coaching or a custom training plan, I’d love to help out.

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